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Tuesday June 19th, 2018

How NOT to transport an equine

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjnsHqjlrs4&feature=youtu.be In the video of 2007, we can see what can be done so as to torture a helpless animal and how cruel man can be. Eyes shut, tied legs, abuse, the animal is afraid and reacts so they hit it hard to obey them. It is disappointing that neither the captain of the ship […]

Wednesday June 6th, 2018

Goodbye Odysseas…

For our friend Odysseas, At noon you always liked to lie down and rest. Υou suffered a lot throughout your life, you worked hard and you were probably sold to every cattle market that exists. Vanessa left the stable door open so as to feel cooler during summer and for your friends to visit you. […]

Friday June 1st, 2018

Overloaded donkey tries to survive in Santorini island

English text by Santorini Animal Welfare Association THIS HAS TO END! A couple of weeks ago photos of another overloaded state donkey used for cleaning the streets went viral. We thought it would open their eyes as the whole world is watching you Santorini! But NO This is a new video we found on fb […]

Sunday May 27th, 2018

Mpampo, story of an elderly abandoned horse

Our Association is bying Special mixture for elderly abandoned mare and ΚΕΘΙΣ-Κέντρο Θεραπευτικής Ιππασίας Σερρών / Hetrics if offering love and a stable for her. She is feeling so much better If you would like to help us go on with Mpampo and cases like her please donate even 1 euro. #Mpampo #rescued_horse #adopt #donate […]

Saturday May 12th, 2018

Equine, their life in Greece….

In Greece, with the acceptance of the competent authorities, anyone can be officially named equine breeder. In the EU, there is legislation on who is considered a breeder. But for many years in our country nobody wanted to apply certain legislation. Without pedigree books, without ownership document, staying for months in the fields without water […]

Saturday April 7th, 2018


Wednesday April 4th, 2018

No food, no water, no Protection: this is a stray animal

Αδέσποτο είναι το ζώο που ζει αλυσοδεμένο, χωρίς νερό, χωρίς φαγητό, χωρίς προστασία4 Απριλίου - Παγκόσμια ημέρα αδέσποτων ζώωνNo food, no water, no Protection: this is a stray animalApril 4th - Stray animals day
Monday March 26th, 2018

Sign the petition call for the withdrawal of horrible for animals draft legislation

The new Greek law proposed for companion animals will act to criminalise people that rescue, treat and offer stray animals for adoption, while it promotes and facilitates the mass trade in cats and dogs. If the law is passed, the adoption of a stray animal, either within Greece or abroad, will become almost impossible, and […]

Sunday March 18th, 2018

Horse export from Canada to Japan for slaughter

Huge cages, stress, panic, forcing them enter by beating them with wooden frames. No need for food or water since in a few hours they will be slaughtered. They are frightened but nobody cares. During endless flight to hell they will try to confort each other. Atlas airlines and restaurants in Japan focus on profit […]