Monthly Archives: August 2018

Wednesday August 8th, 2018

Equines registration in Greece

Our petition and your signatures helped achieve this result. Thank you all:-) A successful campaign by an alliance of Greek animal welfare organisations has led to the Greek Government to introduce EU laws requiring individual identification of all horses, donkeys and mules – “equidae”1. Known as the ‘Equine Passport Regulation’, animals covered by the EU […]

Friday August 3rd, 2018

Ministry of Rural development about the Protection of working equidae

After years of continuous effort through the deposition of both Ippothesis and the Panhellenic  Animal Welfare Federation’s letters, petition on the protection of equidae in collaboration with  Animal Action requesting the incorporation of Community legislation and control mechanisms for the protection of equidae, the submission of a question to the Greek Parliament with the assistance of our association […]

Wednesday August 1st, 2018


Following recent developments regarding animal and activist group’s abuse in Santorini during peaceful demonstration on 27/28/29 July 2018, we would like to update ippothesis friends with the following: Panhellenic Equine Welfare Association, Ippothesis, did not participate nor knew anything about the meeting with the Mayor of Thira and the animal welfare representatives on Friday 20th […]