Authorities in Greece live their own Myth

Tuesday November 14th, 2017

Authorities in Greece live their own Myth

A few days ago our welfare association through Eurogroup for Animals in which recently we became a member had sagnificent meetings in Brussels.
Members of Eurogroup for Animals are World Horse Welfare, Donkey sanctuary, Animal Action etc organizations with perennial and valuable work on the welfare of equidae.
Our agenda was based on welfare and legislation support of equidae in Greece such as backyard breeding, unwanted equine, illegal trade. Mostly we focused on the constant denial of Ministry of Rural Development of Greece in applying EU legislation 504/2008 and later 2015/262 according to which an actional electroning data for registered equidae should be made by 1/7/2016.
On the contrary Ministry lives its own myth in Greece following a certificate bulletin of 2002!!!! circular protocol number 228868 concering a programm about observing equidae diseases because of Olympic games of 2004.
Alongside no control mechanism exists for the correct implementation of 1/2005 concerning rules for the transportation of equidae.
Eurogroup and Ippothesis decided queries to be submitted to the competent authorities (not in Greece). If there is no change then a written complaint will be addressed to the European Court of Justice.
We would like to thank you all for supporting our petition
Any development concernig our legal efforts will be soon announced.

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