Equine care during winter and extreme low temperature weather

Saturday January 5th, 2019

Equine care during winter and extreme low temperature weather

equidae in winter

Bad weather conditions in our country has increased the interest of citizens for the phenomenon of equidae living permanently tied up in fields without any precaution.
According to National legislation 4039/12 1197/81 for welfare for all animals, articles 1, they should be protected from the cold and the particularly low temperatures either with shelters, stables or sufficient natural protection. Being permanently tied, even with long rope which allows their natural movement, if they can’t protect themselves that constitutes abuse.

To be able to withstand freezing weather they should be fed sufficiently so as to have energy. Equines that are forced to search for food between stones and dust to find satisfactory grazing cannot handle these temperatures. If they don’t have long hair they should wear a blanket. They must be vaccinated for tetanus and influenza and have their hoofs cleaned as to remove stones and mud.

The above photo is from one of the largest breeding farms in Denmark where equines are happy to come out and run in the snow as you may see from the backs covered with snow. But any time they want they can enter their stable, a protected environment to eat and to sleep on clean straw and always available buckets with water around them.

When you find an equidae tied up without any protection from the weather, without care and food, you must provide all the information you have proving this situation to an animal welfare association or to police authorities. Be aware that cases of equine abuse is one of the most complicated in our country, because Greece does not implement almost any of the Community legislation and regulations as it is required. So, in 2019 our country there is no electronic database for equidae, microchip and ownership certificate. This way animal abusers are free to act with the assistance of competent authorities

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