Sign the petition call for the withdrawal of horrible for animals draft legislation

Monday March 26th, 2018

Sign the petition call for the withdrawal of horrible for animals draft legislation

The new Greek law proposed for companion animals will act to criminalise people that rescue, treat and offer stray animals for adoption, while it promotes and facilitates the mass trade in cats and dogs. If the law is passed, the adoption of a stray animal, either within Greece or abroad, will become almost impossible, and new categories of strays that will be candidates for euthanasia without setting out by what criteria such a decision would be justified, will be created. At the same time, the penalties that can be imposed for cruelty, abuse, dog fighting, and puppy farming are to be drastically reduced, while there are to be additional taxes and expense imposed on pet ownership. This will put owning a pet financially beyond the reach of many people, some of which will be forced either to surrender their animal to their local municipality or to abandon it on the street. The draft law is criminally irresponsible towards animals; lacks any scientific basis, and discards all the progress that has been made over recent decades, turning the clock back. It will mean the return of mass euthanasia without any opportunity for an intervention to be made by an animal welfare organisation, and in the absence of scientifically acceptable criteria. The three major animal federations of Greece, namely the Panhellenic Animal Welfare Federation, the Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation, and the Attica and Saronic Gulf Animal Association, along with Animal Action Hellas and Dogs’ Voice, in conjunction with the whole of the welfare community and the individual citizens of the EU and Greece that have signed this petition, call for the withdrawal of the draft legislation and demand the development of a new proposal – one based on European principles and policies – that will open the way to the adoption of humane practices for stray management that fully respect animal rights.

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