Be responsible adoption lasts forever

Monday February 5th, 2018

Be responsible adoption lasts forever

Be responsible, adopt wisely, adopt forever!!!

Never give back an animal from adoption unless there is a serious reason such as health or financial issue.

They have feelings, animals are not tools be thrown away after using them.

When Perseus was rescued from the crap, he was scabby, extremely weak and very much afraid. All volunteers fought hard to bring him back to life.

Our main goal apart from his physical health was to make him trust again and feel confident around people. We thought that the family which adopted him would love him forever. Unfortunately, their promise to give him a forever home lasted only ten months.

When we took him away from the area he considered his home he was looking at us…

How can we explain to him that on two hundred acres of land they did not have the generosity of offering him a house forever. When they are able to invest thousands of euros buying expensive horses and reproduce them they no longer had any interest on him.

Ippothesis covered expenses of his transportation and will cover all stable expenses until he travels to his new family.

He was adopted but he was returned back

He was adopted but he was returned back

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