How NOT to transport an equine

Tuesday June 19th, 2018

How NOT to transport an equine
In the video of 2007, we can see what can be done so as to torture a helpless animal and how cruel man can be.

Eyes shut, tied legs, abuse, the animal is afraid and reacts so they hit it hard to obey them. It is disappointing that neither the captain of the ship nor the shipping company has responded to this shameful abuse. For them customer is always right.

In 2007 EU legislation for transportation of equidae was already in force in our country. Unfortunately, nobody wants to read and apply it. With the complicity of the competent authorities that have not activated any controlling mechanism against harming and abusing equines.

Trucks which are not specified by law are carrying horses for sale all over the country. Animals are chained behind  cars so as to be transported through highways risking their lives and stressing themselves.

Council reguration (EC) no 1/2005 on the protection of animals during transport.προστασία-κατά-την-μεταφορά-en.pdf

Advisory guide on the implementation of Regulation 1/2005 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (in Greek language)

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