Life for horses after racing in Greece.

Monday July 9th, 2018

Life for horses after racing in Greece.


A very strange case of abuse against a just three-year-old ex racehorse has been under investigation since early May.
Specifically: through written complaint our association was informed that inside an empty warehouse, at a horse dealer’s premises, a 3 year old ex racehorse was locked without food and proper care as Legislation 4039/12 demands from owners. Since the day this poor horse was taken away from the horse races she has become a lot weaker and was seen malnourished and distress on online sales pictures.
We call her new owner as a “merchant of horses” because he usually buys unwanted horses of Greek race track to sell them as soon as possible. We assume that may be this unfortunate mare was ill so it would be difficult to get some profit out of her. So, merchandiser and his vet decided there was no future for her and no need for respect to her needs and life.
On May 14th one of our vets was close to the warehouse for professional reasons and heard locked horse neighing. Trying to locate the animal she found out that windows were closed so she asked the neighbors to identify the owner. After a while the merchandiser arrived and moved the horse to a proper stable. During the transfer it was more than obvious that mare was suffering and couldn’t even walk properly. She urgently needed to be taken care.
In the area, after many hours, a patrol that was called by “ippothesis” and the vet arrived to record the event. Long before the patrol arrived the vice president of an animal welfare club and friend of the dealer to state that from the very next day the animal will be taken care by a veterinarian ( also member of the board of the particular animal welfare association as it appears at their official webpage).
We asked to be informed of the animal’s health condition otherwise we will file a complaint for abusing this horse against anyone who is responsible for this torture.
In vain we expected to be informed. Many days after our vet contacted the vice president of the animal welfare association, she was told that they don’t owe us any information concerning this horse. Also, that the horse is dead.
From this point, an effort is made to communicate with the competent authorities: Jockey Club of Greece, Horse Racing SA and a week ago with the Association of Racehorse Owners.
Horse Racing SA on June 6th responded to us that they do not have an electronic database for equidae, recording change of ownership and health state of equidae. They informed us that the Jockey Club of Greece declares definitive departure of the horses from action and also any change of ownership.
May 17th Jockey Club of Greece requested additional data to conduct an investigation about this horse. We have sent data requested in two emails, the last one on May 28th. We are waiting for the result of their investigation.
The Association of Race Horse Owners of Greece was informed officially by letter June 27th.
We ask to know what happened to this unfortunate animal, why it ended up melting helplessly? Ιf euthanasia occurred was that the only choice? Under current legislation a written veterinary opinion should be enclosed and microchip must be updated at UELN database. Horse is dead or still melting inside another warehouse?
Officially recognized associations and organizations are required to comply with Community legislation and incorporated into relevant Presidential Decrees for registered equidae in accordance with the zoo technical and pedigree conditions governing intra-Community trade in equidae.
Implementing EU Regulation 2015/262 on the marking and registration of equidae is directly applicable and recognized organizations and associations should have all the necessary data for the change of ownership of horses.
It is sad to be able to give beautiful receptions when buying new equines, but there is no care for the same equidae when they become unwanted from their owners. They do not even know where horses are, how they live and how they die.
The people of the racetrack have shown their sensitivity by helping us saving 12 equidae from the hell of the so called, by public veterinary services, “breeder”.
No names, other than organizations, are recorded at this post because they will be evidence of future file for the Prosecutor’s investigation. We will keep you updated on this subject.

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