Don't be silent in their abuse, be their voice

Don’t be silent in their abuse, be their voice

Throughout international law, equidae are divided into different categories. Except in our country, of course.
On our letter yesterday to the Ministry of Agricultural of Greece (their protocol no 1232/12.4.2018) once more we ask them to formally clarify and to incorporate the following category:
“equidae animals means wild or domisticated mammals of all species within the Genus Equus of the family Equidae and their crosses.”
This way equine welfare will be included in the National legislation about domestic animals welfare and will not be depended on the interpretation of the judicial authorities concerned.
Our joint proposal with Animal Action Hellas on 11.1.2018 for a consultation to create National legislation specifically for equines is still waiting to be answered….

Ippothesis cooperation with the Ministry of Rural Development ~June 2017

At the beginning of June, Pan-Hellenic Equine Welfare Association hosted a meeting with the relevant departments responsible for animal welfare and legislation.

We asked that European Regulation 2015/262 will be incorporated as soon as possible with a form of circular integration. This way all welfares will be able to successfully reduce neglect and abuse equine cases.  It will definetaly take some time to operate the electronic database of registered equines. Therefore, nothing prevents us  from applying the EU legislation to national law and competent authorities.
We developed the positions of our association regarding online sale and equine official or unofficial traders. Also we express the will of  creating an addition to the existing legislation tfor animals welfare which clarifies the points relating equines as well. Already in the Community Regulation there is a category of domestic equidae, so equidae in the future which are not recognized by registration will be clearly stray pets.
Very soon our cooperation with the competent Ministry will continue so as to be able to achieve the best possible results.

Letter to the Ministry of Rural Development, November 23rd 2016

On November 23rd, our protocol number 28 we have tabled at the Ministry of Rural Development and Food a proposal concerning incorporation of specific EU legislation to the Greek laws ensuring equine welfare. 

Specifically ask the integration and harmonization of European Regulation which replaces the 01/01/2016 504/2008. Need of the immediate creation of an electronic database for equines in Greece. The Regulation 2015/262 (EC) replaces (EC) No. 504/2008 as of 1 January 2016. According to this regulation from July 1, 2016, Greece is required to create a central electronic database for recording equidae.

EU 504/2008


EU 2015/262




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Letter addresed to Panhellenic Animal Welfare Federation, 30rd November 2015

Our association filed a document addressed to the Panhellenic Animal Welfare Federation reference number 05 / 11.30.15 on “Proposal submission to improve the existing animal protection legislation, with special reference and care of equine’.