Before & after of a lady named Mpampo

Wednesday February 21st, 2018

Before & after of a lady named Mpampo

babo prin kai meta 2017.2018

Mpampo was found extremely weak, malnourished and she always tied up without water. Helpless she was almost dead. Few people especially during summer tried to help her by bringing some water.
Therapeutic Horse Riding Center in Serres offered her hospitality and Ippothesis covered transport and vet expenses. She urgently needed her teeth to be done as she is very old and couldn’t eat properly.
Monthly we need 70€ to cover special mixture for mature/old hoses she needs to survive and be in a healthy condition. Our friends at KETHIS offer stable, straw and everyday care for her. She specially enjoys love from humans that she never had before. In just 5 months she has been transformed from a bonny, malnourished soul to a healthy animal full of life.
Like Mpampo we support more equines at stable hosting establishments since we cannot afford to have our own establishments yet. Soon, we will inform you for every incident we support.
As an NGO we depend completely on donations. An anonymous donor helped us overcoming the expenses for the amputed horse. Money left from this donation help us support Mpampo and equines that need our care.
We have no other income.
Please, help us go on protecting equines in Greece. Even 1€ is valuable to us.
Those who want to help us purchase Mpampo’s special mixture you may donate through PayPal: Ippothesis ~PanHellenic Equine Welfare Association~
Or deposit into our bank account:
ΙΒΑΝ: GR31 0140 9700 9700 0200 2003 966
Bank account number: 970 00 2002 003966
Please don’t forget to add your address or your email so that we can send you a receipt, a thank you letter along with update on our activities.
Thank you very much!!!!

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