Working equines in Greece

Thursday August 24th, 2017

Working equines in Greece

Working equines in Greece are left totally to their own fate and depend entirely on the mood of the “boss” if he/she decides to respect its life or not.
In all areas where equines work hard all day there is no provision for checking their welfare, their working hours, veterinary care while they are obliged to stand for hours under the heat.
Since mid of July we have asked the Ministry of Rural Development to respond to us about the abuse of a horse on a carriage – platform in Northern Greece.He hope we will get an answer before poor animal dies. We also have many complaints for similar cases all over Greece.
Finally, our country and the competent authorities must realize that a framework should be created covering all equidae either working or not and that proper controls should be carried out.
A mentality not to disappoint anyone so as they dont loose votes and covering up abuse cases, brings only pain to these creatures and they do not deserve it. Nobody deserves it.

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