Equine, their life in Greece….

Saturday May 12th, 2018

Equine, their life in Greece….

In Greece, with the acceptance of the competent authorities, anyone can be officially named equine breeder.
In the EU, there is legislation on who is considered a breeder. But for many years in our country nobody wanted to apply certain legislation.
Without pedigree books, without ownership document, staying for months in the fields without water since it can rain, without shelter.
Equidae belonging to the category of productive animals but certainly have different needs for their welfare from cattle, sheep and goats. Naturally, equines may belong to other categories such as pets, sports and work.
Until now, collectors – traders of equidae are served with a doc called ADAMI.
A document that itself on page 21 states that “it is not a title of ownership” and has a limited validity.
These equidae tend to be fed by neighbors since grass is dry and full of irons that can not be eaten.
Because they are not in a very bad condition (at least not yet) most likely after some recommendation such as providing shelter and bucket of water, equines will disappear from the area.
There are, of course, those who argue that the animal welfare associations exaggerate.
We would ask them to consult either responsible owners or veterinarians specializing in equines.
We will continue our struggle for a proper Equidae Legislation in our country.
We have sent to the authorities our proposals with the hope of showing respect for their welfare.

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