Our story

Story of this “Ippothesis” is about a person who grew up learning not to harm but to protect any creature in need. My name is Rosa Roussou and I always had a particular love for all animals, especially for horses.

At the age of seven I started riding at the Equestrian Club of Athens in Geraka. Then, I attended a two-year study in Lars Sederholm Equestrian Centre, Waterstock, England successfully taking the British Horse Society’s statements regarding equestrian safety, knowledge of horse anatomy and management of an equine centre.

Holder of a diploma as a Riding Trainer level C’, of the General Secretariat of Sports in 2004. Professionally I started by training children at the private equestrian facilities of Takis Iliadis and then I continued by teaching at the riding school of the Equestrian Club of Athens.

My equestrian sporting activity started in 1979 up to 1995 relates to my participation in all categories as well as the national team of Greece in Balkan Equestrian Games.

As a volunteer I participated in the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Athens in 2004 in the games of riding.
Also, at the Volunteers Program of the World Summer Special Olympic Games Athens in 2011.

For about five and a half years I was a member of the Board and basic volunteer at an equine protection society until I was forced to leave in 2013 since they drove me out.

My responsibilities included: checking allegations of equine abuse and abandonment, prepare, text and deposit of the reports at the prosecution department of Athens so that abandoned equines would be given legally at the property of society, research and collection of audiovisual material in places where there are horses leaving in terrible conditions most likely for export to the slaughterhouses in abroad (similar material has been deposited and in initiative of the prosecutor I have been called as a witness ), create from scratch and organize the communication through social media which is very important for the information given from any NGO, fundraising along with preparation and submission of proposals to the competent ministry, efforts to improve current laws concerning animal protection focusing in equine welfare because legislation until now is weak and gives opportunity to the violators not to be punished.