About ippothesis

“Ippothesis” is about Equine Welfare and Protection

Ippothesis – Panhellenic Equine Welfare Society is a non-profit association. Registered number 30636/2015 Athens, Greece.

Αssociation is managed and represented before any authority, natural or legal person by a five-member Board of Directors

Among the aims of our association initially is development of animal welfare and protection of equine, responsible information along with raising public awareness concerning problems and threats faced equine, educating citizens especially the young children at schools through activities, establishment of branch offices across the country, collecting data on equine welfare, the National and International projection of the need for their protection, investigation, activation and coordination of Greek and global institutional framework for their protection.

Then, and through a certain activity that will give us the financial capacity, we will expand to offer all possible assistance and veterinary care for any sick, weak or abandoned animal. Our concern is to stop illegal exploitation and unjustified killing.

"Don't be silent in their abuse"

Equine journey to freedom