Update on the court proceedings for the equine abuse place in Aspropyrgos

Friday June 22nd, 2018

Update on the court proceedings for the equine abuse place in Aspropyrgos

In December 2016, following a complaint, police was ordered to investigate one of the notorious equine hell spots. The owner of the equidae, who claims that he owns 30 and more equines only for his pleasure, did not appear when the police called him. So legal procedure was passed to his son who was in the field together with a friend of his, whom we assume he was an equine buyer.
Son told the police he was there to see his daddy and so the other guy was there to see the daddy of his friend. Probably they didn’t see the animals suffering from abuse right in front of them. Also his family keeps buying and selling equines until this very moment just for their own pleasure and not for money.
Today, at the Third District Court of Appeals in Athens was scheduled the judgment on the appeal brought by the son after his first trial. Our case was the last one so they were confident and happy because court would postpone for another day.
But when they called our case at 14.25 he informed President of the court that his lawyer wasn’t available providing a document from the absent advocate. So, case was postponed and rescheduled for December 5th at the same court of justice.
We will be there to defend the animals that have been abused while we urge principle authorities for an institutional framework for the protection of equidae.

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