For Lazarus, our young amputated horse that lost his life…

Wednesday November 29th, 2017

For Lazarus, our young amputated horse that lost his life…

Death is unbeaten and unfortunately once again he won us. Lazarus who fought bravely, and seemed that we succeeded giving him a normal life, has passed away.
At first he responded very positively and we believed he could adapt to his new situation. For a few months he was trying hard, but a few days ago he showed that adaptation was unbearable for him.
This post is not about good-bye tears. He will always live in the heart and memory of those who surrounded him with love. For his stubbornness and the love he gave them back.
This post is meant to sensitize people so there will be no more abused equines like Lazarus. Don’t let them permanently tied up for months in the fields. Eventually they will get hurt and abusers will let them die just because they are useless.
Lazarus could be saved and this is proven by the following picture which is the only truth about his abuse (there are many more pictures that have being sent to the Prosecutor’s Office). Valuable time was spent rotting the wounded leg before being amputated. No one helped this poor creature. On 30/11 his case is heard, and since the Prosecutor’s Office did not ask us to file, we will use the power of social media and Lazarus’ voice to be justified.
If he could speak those would be his words at the courtroom:
“When I was born I was very happy, I believed that life is beautiful and that I’m very lucky to share this world with you. It would be so if they humans could love and respect us. We were completely depended from someone called “owner”. Someone who kept us permanently tied up, without enough food and water. Summer heat was unbearable and heavy winter rains falling upon us, during endless days and nights, ached so much our bodies. Worst thing was that we could not react. Just standing still, bowed heads, hopeless, and surrendered to the fate that others have set for us.
However, because I was young, I started reacting. I wanted to run free, to roll on the ground, feel my power. Though I was tied up by my leg, each time I was pulling the rope to escape I started getting hurt. Pain didn’t stop me and every day I was trying harder to run free. Until one day wounded part of my leg was amputated. I thought that now they would take better care of me… But they came back angry and tied me up by my other leg.
My wound was left wide open to be contaminated, but since there was blood on the ground around me they put on a bandage. This was left on my leg for ages so the wound was badly infected. Until low part of my leg was completely cut…
At that time a lot of unknown people started to care about me. Unfortunately, my mother disappeared. I never saw her again… I was feeling so much pain because nobody gave me a pain medication, you call them painkillers. Until there was a lot of trouble and they brought me to a farm with a lot of new friends, a doctor and everyone was so nice at me and cared about making life better for me. They really wanted to save me. And they almost did it. It was beautiful there, I had my own room, a lot of food, clean water and I could go out walking but what an injustice … now that I was free to go I couldn’t run anymore.
I apologize to you but I am really tired of all this and I decided to leave your world. I just wanted to tell you my story so that no more animals will suffer the way I did. When you see equines tied up and wounded please help them. Before it is too late like in my case. If a vet had treated me earlier I am sure I could have survived.
Thank you all very much for your love and support but more this one special person who bought ALL of my medications so I wouldn’t feel the pain.
And you my doctor, more than everyone else… “

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