Overloaded donkey tries to survive in Santorini island

Friday June 1st, 2018

Overloaded donkey tries to survive in Santorini island

English text by Santorini Animal Welfare Association

THIS HAS TO END! A couple of weeks ago photos of another overloaded state donkey used for cleaning the streets went viral. We thought it would open their eyes as the whole world is watching you Santorini! But NO This is a new video we found on fb from last night and this is not the same donkey it is a mule cleaning up the mess after hours in Fira overloaded with garbage bags full of glass bottles, barely able to pull itself. 10 years now we are taking care of these overworked animals that are no longer in use and are dumped in the shelter. The main point is not to have a shelter for the ones they wipe out but for the animals not to reach that point so early in their lives in the first place!!!



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