Goodbye Odysseas…

Wednesday June 6th, 2018

Goodbye Odysseas…

For our friend Odysseas,

At noon you always liked to lie down and rest. Υou suffered a lot throughout your life, you worked hard and you were probably sold to every cattle market that exists.

Vanessa left the stable door open so as to feel cooler during summer and for your friends to visit you. Pigeons, cats and whatever else has made this paradise their home. Many sacks of sawdust so as to be more comfortable helping you getting up more easily, always food and clean water. Days you didn’t feel well, painkillers, vitamins and whatever could make your life easier. I believe you knew that we were going to save you and waited for us.

Sometimes when you got up, because you did not see well, you were kneading the chickens that roared at your feet, but after a few hours they were doing well.

This afternoon you slept forever. From now on anyone who wants to see you has to look up in the sky. You left leaving us precious gifts, an incredible love, strength and tenacity.

The way you were treated like a tool without any protection for your welfare you should have died long ago. Your love for life and your stubbornness gave you years. You never felt anger, you never attacked anyone, not hold malice in any of those who tortured you and your friends.

When last year Thymios, your beloved friend the donkey, left first to go to an adoptive home, without realizing how you managed to run near him to say goodbye to him.

You are one of those horses that it was our honor to find and save you. Because at the end you saved us, you taught us not to let them go. 40 days we had to lift you up with our hands because you were so malnourished and weak that you couldn’t do it on your own.

You taught us the greatness of a soul in a country that kills its children and animals. In a country that only sees you as tools, luxury or working, the difference is small.

We will not upload a beautiful photo of you but the one we took when we found you with a prosecutor’s order along with the police as part of a search. Game is out of control and the news are bad.

Those who have to legislate for your welfare are taking care to defend livestock dealers. With them you see there is profit, they have a client relationship not with you. For them you are just meat alive or dead.

For the Veterinary Service (official document to the Prosecutor, May 2013), M.K. th man who owned and kept you tied to an old vehicle is a ‘horse breeder’, you were tied up to “graze and have a better standard of living’, your “horse breeder” had you “for personal recreation, some of his animals have given them or bought them in bazaars such as the one of Shisto Perama “and you were all in” excellent stable establishments and well-being “.

But news are bad for them Odysseas. We will not give up our struggle but we will also change the terms of the game. Equal play starts now. And if they succeed to extinguish us, we will make sure that others will continue our work on our own way.



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