One of the worst crimes ever, CAUTION, Graphic Images

Saturday November 18th, 2017

One of the worst crimes ever, CAUTION, Graphic Images

WARNING, GRAPHIC IMAGES In the area of Trikala a few days ago a horse, member of a family who loved it, was devastated. Death was extremely violent overcoming any sense of barbarity. Surely, none of us can imagine the pain and the horror of this horse during the horrible last moments.

After being killed, someone has covered it with leaves and certainly this wasn’t done by the animals which cut it in pieces. We assume that in order to attack in this way they may be trained not as guards, but perhaps also for dogfighting. Owner has filed a lawsuit against the person considered responsible for this crime. Unfortunately, this person comes from a service from which he may have support.

We appeal to anyone in the region who knows anything about this murder which will help give justice to this crime, please send us a message in fb or email to

Maybe the next victim will be a beloved one of your own family.
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